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Last updated April 22, 2010  

Alexander Cooper, a renowned and respected Jamaican artist, was born in Enfield (St. Mary) Kingston, Jamaica (West Indies) in 1934.

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Article: Jamaica's View of
Obama's Presidency

By Alexander Cooper

Master Painter Alexander Cooper will present his works in Washington D.C. showcasing his view of President Barack Obama's momentus election and subsequent presidency. His art will include a variety of pieces that show how Jamaican's view President Barack Obama and his family at the White House.

Alexander was inspired by the reaction of the Jamaican people after Barack Obama won the Presidential election. Mr. Cooper saw the enthusiasm in the streets, homes, market places, the sports fields, and even in the bars. He was so inspired that he went back to work capturing his vision on canvas. "The First African-American U.S. President" Mr. Cooper is here to show what he saw and how this could motivate a whole generation of people in his beloved Jamaica to adopt the "Yes We Can" attitude.

Mr. Cooper's last exhibition in Washington, DC was in 1999 at the Organization of American States (OAS). It was well-attended and he was congratulated by Jamaican Ambassador, Dr. Richard Bernal and his wife Margaret Bernal and many other dignitaries. The Assistant Secretary-General to the Organization of States, Ambassador Christopher Thomas, also welcomed Alexander on behalf of the OAS, and observed that Mr. Cooper�s contribution to the field of art was emblematic of the gifted and that the exhibition was indeed a celebration of the excellence and professionalism of the artist.

In 1965 Master Painter Alexander Cooper was the first Caribbean artist to have an exhibition at the U.S. State Department. Alexander Cooper was well received and the show was a big success. Alexander was then invited to do an exhibition in New York at the Tosco Gallery that same year. The newest addition to his collection of awards is the Silver Musgrave Medal for Distinguished Service in the Field of Art; one of Jamaican's top awards. Among Alexander's accomplishments are the Order of Distinction given by the Caribbean Foundation of Arts & Culture in 1990 and 1991, The Prime Minister�s award for his outstanding contribution to the art world in 1983, and two first prizes in the National Fine Art Competition in Jamaica in 1962 and 1964.

The exhibit will have the sponsorship of the Jamaican Embassy and The World Bank.